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Reforestation Guidelines For The Ridge

Better than anyone, Paradise residents know that simply putting the forest back the way it was before the fire is not "recovery".  The next forest needs to be more fire-resilient than the last one, which means it needs to be:

  • Less dense
  • More oaks,
  • Ready for a warmer, drier climate

In 2018-19, BCRCD's Forest Health Watershed Coordinators worked with CAL FIRE, the Town of Paradise, UCD climate scientists, local gardening experts, and local registered professional foresters to develop fire-smart and climate-smart planting recommendations Paradise landowners can follow. The result is this map and simple 2-page planting guide. 

Click here to download the replanting guide as PDF

P.S. You can also access tons of resources on planting oaks, diagnosing which trees will survive, erosion control and more at our "Fire Recovery Resources for Landowners" page.

May contain: diagram, map, atlas, and plot
PP= Ponderosa pine. IC = Incense Cedar. DF = Douglas-fir. SP = Sugar pine.   Remember, this doesn't map where certain trees did  well over the last  century. It shows where they should be planted to grow in this century.
Click here to download the above Paradise Ridge planting zones map as PDF

If you'd like to support BCRCD's reforestation work with a tax-deducatible donation, click here to give to the BCRCD Tree Planting Fund, a 501(c)3 charity under the care of the North Valley Community Foundation.