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Fire Recovery Resources For Landowners 

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Our hearts may never fully heal, but our land will.


Butte County RCD continues to bring millions of federal and state dollars into Butte County for landscape-level reforestation and oak restoration projects.  Our generation's task is to set the new forest up for success in the future climate of longer droughts, warmer wetter storms, and shorter fire intervals.  The new forest will be open, patchy, and diverse.  The new forest will also need to be adapted to regular, low-intensity fire. Scroll down for a library of post-fire resources!



If you're in Feather Falls and were affected by the 2020 fire, we have a special FREE program just for you, but you have to enroll by Sept 30, 2023!  Here's the application to request help for tree removal, replanting and more.



pallets of wattles
Straw wattles are a simple but effective way to stop sediment and toxic ash from flowing downhill!

If you're handy with a chainsaw, contour-felling your dead trees can sometimes be your best and cheapest bet for erosion control. Put your # of dead trees and their diameter into this cool storage capacity chart and find out how many cubic yards or TONS of soil your burned logs could be stopping! Download it:

Storage capacity reference for contour log felling by Peter Robichaud, from USFS Burned Area Emergency Response treatment guide (publication 0625 1801).How to install wattles- printer-friendly download link. (Or, scroll down to read the guide online)


If you're in Paradise or Magalia, we have a special replanting page just for you.

How to tell if burned conifers will survive (article from CAL FIRE)How to tell if burned oaks will survive (article from UC Extension)Quick 1-page guide to planting acorns  in a burned areaLonger 3-page "Acorn To An Oak" guide from CNPS also covers collection and storage of acorns

Locally produced video on how and why to plant blue oaks - 21 minutes. Stars the oaks... but also BCRCD's Wolfy Rougle, Mechoopda tribal knowledge keeper Ali Meders-Knight, and Floral Native Nursery's Raphael DiGenova.

2-page guide: How To Plant Baby Oaks (plus redbud, elderberry, and other native hardwood seedlings)2 page guide: How To Plant Baby Conifers  (Focuses on Paradise Ridge & how to comply with Town defensible space ordinance)UC guide for forest landowners on helping land renew itself after a fire



Honestly, maybe not?  To learn more, download this free, full-color 92-page fire recovery handbook from the California Native Plant Society.



Getting a handle on BROOM, an invasive plant that loves intense fires - and fuels them :(



Cheat Sheet to Federal, State, and Local Help for Landowners - Burned or Unburned Land


Interested in "good fire"?  Join the Butte Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) to share tools and trainings with other landowners looking to put good fire on their land.


GIVE THE GIFT OF TREES? If you'd like to support BCRCD's reforestation work with a tax-deducatible donation, click here to give to the BCRCD Tree Planting Fund, a 501(c)3 charity under the care of the North Valley Community Foundation.  If you choose, you can make your gift in honor or in memory of someone. Planting a tree is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you.


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