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Board Members

BCRCD is governed by a five member Board of Directors, one from each supervisorial district, made up of local landowners, ranchers and farmers. Directors are appointed by the Butte County Board of Supervisors on their strengths as active partners in the conservation community.

All Five Directors of the Board have a "700 Conflict of Interest" form on file with CA FPPC - California Fair Political Practices Commission. Associate Directors are appointed by the BCRCD Board of Directors.

The Associate Directors do not vote on district business but serve in an advisory capacity to the board with their knowledge and expertise in special areas of interest.

Directors and Associate Directors are volunteer positions.

The Directors are as follows:

District 1 (Supervisor: Bill Connelly):  John Christofferson

District 2 (Supervisor: Peter Durfee):  Andrew Sohnrey

District 3 (Supervisor: Tami Ritter): Colleen Hatfield, Treasurer

District 4 (Supervisor: Tod Kimmelshue): Samantha Lewis

District 5 (Supervisor: Doug Teeter): Dave Lee, Chair

Associate Directors are as follows:

Mike Crump