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Prescribed Burn Association

A prescribed burn association is a landowner co-op where neighbors help neighbors burn.  Much like a branding day or a barn-raising, getting good fire on your land is easier when you have help. To join in, please register by taking our survey here.


Burning your own lands is legal and it has many benefits for your livestock, for wildlife habitat, and for your family's safety.  It's your right as a landowner. But that doesn't mean it's within reach for most of us, at least not right now. The PBA is here to lower the barriers you face as a landowner.  Why?  Because if more people in Butte County knew how to burn their lands and did it regularly, we'd all be safer and better off.


What a PBA can do for you   Before you can burn, you usually (not always!) need a permit or two, and the PBA can often help you apply for them. You need insurance too, but this may be easier to get than you thought, and the PBA will serve as a neighborhood hub for insurance tips and tricks.  Next, you need the right tools, and the PBA will have a trailer full of tools and gear you can borrow.  Many of us need considerable training before we can think about burning, and the PBA will help you get whatever training you want, whether it's the basics or an elite course.  Finally -- or actually, this should have come first -- most people in Butte County need to prep their lands for burning by removing some brush and trees.  The PBA can sometimes help with that too, by getting grants and having work parties.  On the other hand, some people have land that's in beautiful shape for burning -- and if you join our PBA, you can come out there on field trips and workshops and see what it's like to put good fire on the ground.


What a PBA can't do    A PBA doesn't take away your liability. That always rests with the landowner -- as it should, since the landowner is the one getting the biggest benefit from the burn.  A PBA is also not a full-service burn outfit: the landowner still needs to hire a burn boss if they're not acting as their own.