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Prescribed Burn Association

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Credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

A prescribed burn association is a landowner co-op where neighbors help neighbors burn.  Much like a branding day or a barn-raising, getting good fire on your land is easier when you have help. To join in, please email (redacted).

PBA Announcements.........

Prescribed Fire on Private Lands Workshop Dec 13., Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve - Come learn about how you can start managing your land with fire.  Learn from CAL FIRE, Air Quality, local landowners who've done it, and other experts, and tour lands that have been managed with fire for many years.  Cost for the all-day workshop is $30, register here.

Prescribed Burn Association Get-Together, Forest Ranch, Dec. 14th, 10 am-4 pm.  For those landowners who are ready to roll up their sleeves and start talking about how we can help each other out and increase burning on our lands, we'll get together at Dulcy's place.  We'll burn some piles (weather permitting) and talk about future projects.  Who has a unit that's ready to burn?  Let us know!  RSVP to (redacted).


May contain: fire, human, person, and forest fire
Credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson


More about prescribed fire....

Burning your own lands is legal and it has many benefits for your livestock, for wildlife habitat, and for your family's safety.  It's your right as a landowner. The RCD is here to make it easier for you. Because if more people in Butte County knew how to burn their lands and did it regularly, we'd all be safer and better off.


What a PBA can do for you  

  • Help you figure out what permits you need and how to get them
  • Serve as neighborhood hub for tips and tricks
  • Offer a trailer full of burn tools and gear you can borrow 
  • Offer training opportunities suited to your needs, whether it's the basics or an elite course. 
  • Have a schedule of work parties, tours, and workshops
  • Connect you with neighbors who can help you burn (and do the prep work) --  Many hands make light work!


What a PBA can't do    A PBA doesn't take away your liability. That always rests with the landowner -- as it should, since the landowner is the one getting the biggest benefit from the burn.  A PBA is also not a full-service burn outfit: the landowner still needs to hire a burn boss if they're not acting as their own.  However, we're just getting started, and who knows what we'll come up with together in the future to make burning easier and safer in our communities!