Fire Recovery For Landowners 

Land is incredibly resilient. Often, it heals best when it's simply left alone.  Other times, it needs a helping hand.  Here are some resources to help you decide how to care for your burned land.


You can get free straw wattles on giveaway days at our two distribution sites: 

Paradise Alliance Church, 6491 Clark Rd,

Times: Saturday January 12, Tuesday Jan. 15, and and Thursday Jan. 17,  9 am -4 pm each day

Yankee Hill Hardware Store, 11300 Hwy 70

Times: Saturday January 12, 2 pm-4 pm 

Also: We need volunteers to help us give away wattles and train landowners on how to install them properly.  Here's the link to sign up for a Paradise shift:

And for a Yankee Hill shift:

Straw wattles are a simple but effective way to stop sediment and toxic ash from flowing downhill!


If you own land in Butte Creek Canyon, please consider giving permission to crews to install straw wattles, straw mulch and emergency erosion control measures -- at no cost to you.  Please tell us your name, address, parcel number, contact info, and any access information you need crews to have (locked gate combos, etc.)  Send us an email at (redacted).  

And, read about Friends of Butte Creek erosion control projects here.


If you own land elsewhere in the fire footprint,  or even outside it, you can get free or low-cost help  planting new trees, doing erosion control, or re-introducing regular low-intensity fire to your land.   It can be confusing to sort through all the programs so we put together a guide for you. We'll update it as we learn of new programs.

Cheat Sheet to Federal, State, and Local Help for Landowners - Burned or Unburned Land


  If you just want some resources for assessing your own land and doing the work yourself, scroll to the bottom for some reading material we picked out for you.

Are you an arborist? The Town of Paradise Emergency Operations Center needs your help . The Town has tens of thousands of standing burned trees. If you can volunteer to flag the dead trees for removal, you can help release more FEMA funds for your community.  To join a team and head out to the burned zone, please call (879-3908 or email (redacted)..


If you're looking for housing, USDA Rural Development maintains a list of subsidized apartments in rural areas all around the country, including across California. Google "MFH rentals USDA RD" and the top listing will take you to a map of useful listings.  Some aprtments are set aside just for low-income seniors.  If you're thinking of relocating to another county in California, you can often find low-income housing by searching for "[your county of choice] County Housing Authority".

If you need help with insurance, food, gas money or other necessities. please head down to the Chico Mall.  The east end of the mall (where the old Sears was) is full of agencies and charities who want to help you. It's open every day except Sunday, always 9 am -6 pm.


DIY resources for landowners....

First, download this great fire recovery handbook from the California Native Plant Society.

How to install wattles- printer-friendly download link for the guide below.How to tell if burned conifers will survive (article from CAL FIRE)How to tell if burned oaks will survive (article from UC Extension)

Hope, one year later: Sonoma County landscapes return to life