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We Got A Watershed Coordinator Grant!

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The bright purple outline shows the BCRCD watershed coordinator project area

Butte County RCD is thrilled to announce we received a 2019 Forest Health Watershed Coordinator grant from California's Department of Conservation! The Watershed Coordinator will be like a full-time grantwriter for the county's forests, funding large-scale projects in 3 focus areas: climate-resilient reforestation; prescribed fire on private lands; and erosion control. Best of all, two of neighboring watershed coalitions were funded: SYRCL - The South Yuba River Citizens League for a partnership of Yuba watershed groups, and also Sierra Institute for Community and Environment for the South Lassen Watershed Group. These 2 organizations inspire us and we're honored to be in their company. Together these 3 contiguous project areas make up more than 2.5 million acres! That's an amazing opportunity for regional forest health initiatives.

Forest Health Watersheds Plan      The new watershed coordinator will also be responsible for writing a forest health watershed plan, which is like a forest management plan for the entire county.  The plan will cover the forested parts of Butte Creek, Big Chico Creek, and the middle reaches of the Feather River including Concow Creek. Based on collaboration with dozens of local groups and the best available science, this document will help guide organizations and landowners in fire recovery, program development, ecological restoration, and forest management decisions. 

Stay tuned!

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