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Reforesting Butte County

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The Camp Fire was the most destructive fire in California history.  On top of the human toll, the fire also killed as many as a million trees.  We're helping to replant some of those trees.  Our biggest planting season will be spring 2021.

 We have an exciting reforestation program now open to everyone: EFRP (Emergency Forest Restoration Program) (click here).  It can pay up to 75% of your costs to replant and care for your land -- and it's fast, with some seedlings available in February 2020.  You'll need to come in to the USDA building by the Oroville airport and do some paperwork, but it will be worth it!  If you own more than 5 acres of forest, this program is for you!  The deadline to sign up is January 20!

For everybody   Whether you grow trees for profit or not, we can connect you with free seedlings (oaks and conifers) through the American Forest Foundation, One Tree Planted, local nurseries, and other programs. We may also be able to help you with site prep, maintenance, and re-introducing "good fire" to your land if you want.  We are your one-stop shop, the hub that brings all these programs into one place so you can get the help you need. Take our one-page reforestation survey and tell us about yourself.  No matter who you are, we'll do our best to help you help the land.

The Next Forest If we lost 1 million trees, why aren't we replanting 1 million trees? Because the next forest needs to be less dense.  Historically, Butte County forests were more open.  There were fewer trees per acre and it's likely more of them were oaks.  So, wherever possible, we're helping landowners replant in "clumpy-gappy" patterns that mimic nature, rather than traditional close-spaced conifer plantations.  And we'll help you plant oaks and a diverse genetic mix of conifers for better climate adaptation.  Again,  to sign up for our reforestation programs click here.

 Press articles about our reforestation strategy: "Replanting Trees in Camp Fire Footprint to Begin in Early Spring" Oroville M-R 1/11/20