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Protecting Our Forest Roads 

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When forest roads get in bad shape, they usually become the biggest source of sedimentation in a watershed. Plus, it's bad for our economy when people can't get around the county.  And it's a public safety issue when people need to get out of the forest, fast.  To keep Butte County moving, BCRCD helps local land managers get money for fixing dirt roads.  Right now, BCRCD is managing a $375,000 grant-funded project to assess 63 miles of forest roads in northern Butte County and to fix Powellton Road where it was so torn up it got slapped with a Notice of Violation from the state.  This spring, we've also submitted several grants for roads damaged by post-Camp Fire flooding.  If you know of a road that needs attention, contact us at (530)693-3173 or use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the screen.