Camp Fire Response: Butte Creek Canyon

Butte Creek is home to endangered spring-run Chinook salmon, and when the Camp Fire broke out, baby salmon were just hatching. Fortunately, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was on the scene immediately, providing truckloads of straw wattles to catch sediment and burned structures ash from flowing into Butte Creek.  Friends of Butte Creek provided an amazing volunteer mobilization, plus they raised funds to pay for 25% of the wattles.  Butte County RCD provided the mapping support to help volunteers be more effective.  

Here's what we were able to accomplish together:

19,550 feet of wattles placed by 12/4/18 (that's 3.7 miles!)

6 days of volunteer efforts

70+ volunteers, contributing over 1000 hours of volunteer time

Wattles purchased by USFWS (75% of funding) and Friends of Butte Creek (25%)

64 private landowners helped, representing a total of 435 acres of land in the watershed


Volunteers came from these agencies and organizations, among others:



Deer Creek GIS


NOAA Fisheries




Friends of Butte Creek

Many landowners and neighbors - from near and far.