Butte County OHV and Trails Network

On March 2, 2015, the Butte County Department of Public Works submitted a preliminary application for grant funds from the California State Parks Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program to provide OHV trail maintenance on 48 miles of Maintenance Level 2 Roads in the Plumas National Forest and 39.7 miles of the County-maintained Concow, Dixie and French Creek Roads. The proposed Work would consist of maintaining road and trails, clearing downed trees, brushing, assuring adequate drainage, repairing and replacing signs, and installing and maintaining barriers to restrict travel off designated routes. Maintenance activities on the Plumas National Forest ML 2 roads would be performed by the Cal Fire and volunteers from local OHV clubs. Maintenance activities on the County-maintained Concow, Dixie and French Creek Roads would be performed by County road crews and volunteers from local OHV clubs. All work would be supervised by a Project Coordinator from the Butte County Resource Conservation District.

Butte County Public Works also submitted a grant application to identify the required mitigation to add trails from the 2010 FEIS Plumas National Forest Public Motorized Travel Management Appendix A to the Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) and for a feasibility study to obtain an easement or right-of-way on Four Trees Road from Hwy 70 to Plumas National Forest.

The applications may be viewed by directing your browser to http://olga.ohv.parks.ca.gov/egrams_ohmvr/user/home.aspx and selecting “Preliminary Review Application” on the lower left of the screen. A 30 day public review and comment period begins Tuesday, March 3, 2015, and ends Monday, April 6, 2015. This period provides an opportunity for the public to review and provide comments to the preliminary application submitted to the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division for consideration during the 2014/15 grant cycle. Public comments shall be submitted to both the Applicant as well as the OHMVR Division by emailing the contact person listed on the preliminary application and carbon copying (cc) the OHMVR Division at (redacted). NOTE: The contact person may be found in their notice to the public or in the ‘General Application Requirements’ under items 3. Contact, Project Administrator.

The California State Parks Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division will post Application Results - Intent to Award at the above website on June 1, 2015, followed by a 30 day appeal period from June 2 to July 2, 2015. On July 3, 2015 final awards will be posted on the website upon resolution of any appeals.

Please contact the Department of Public Works at 530.538.7681 with any comments or questions.