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Wolfy Rougle, Forest Health Watershed Coordinator

Wolfy currently serves the RCD as a Forest Health Watershed Coordinator under a grant from the Department of Conservation.  Her projects include developing the Butte Forest Plan, helping local landowners put "good fire" on the ground through a Prescribed Burn Association, and writing grants to develop the next wave of watershed health projects in the county.  Wolfy also assists with CEQA/NEPA development on a broad array of RCD and partner projects. Wolfy holds an M.P.A. (Master's in Public Administration) from CSU, Chico (2019);  her thesis explored prescribed fire policy on private lands.  She also holds a CEQA Practice certificate from UCSD. Wolfy is particularly fascinated by oak woodlands and the interdependence between humans, oaks, and fire. From 2005-2017, she owned and operated Springfed Organic Farm and Nursery in the blue oak woodland of western Tehama County, CA.