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Historically, Butte County foothill forests were open and sunny. They stayed that way because people burned them regularly and animals grazed them extensively.  If we want to make our forests healthy again, maybe this historic landscape should be our model.

If you own land in Butte County, especially in the Concow Basin, we want to help you burn it or graze it. If you're looking to replant your land after the Camp Fire, we want to help you replant it in a way that you can burn and graze it later.  We will write grants and find funds so you can afford it. For those who want fire on their land, we will start a prescribed burn association (PBA) -- a landowner co-op where neighbors help neighbors.

To help, we need to know who wants replanting or good fire.  This kind of work takes months or even years, so let's get started today.  If you are a private landowner who wants reforestation or other replanting on your land and/or wants help reintroducing prescribed fire, please tell us about yourself.    

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