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City of Chico Vegetative Fuels Management Plan

To help prevent a Camp Fire-like catastrophe in Chico, the City applied for and won a $159,000 CAL FIRE grant to create a comprehensive vegetation management plan for Chico's over 6,000 acres of parklands, open space, and greenways.  The plan will include grazing, strategic thinning, chipping, and even re-introducing prescribed fire to the parks. 

BCRCD is helping to manage the writing of the plan, the drafting of the key projects, and the CEQA process which will result in a programmatic EIR.  Having this EIR in place will make it easier for the City to care for its parks for many years to come.  Contributors to the plan include local GIS experts Deer Creek Resources (part of Firestorm); Dempsey Vegetation Mangement; and stewards of the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve.

May contain: poster, advertisement, and plot



-March 30, 2020 -  Earliest target date for Draft Plan to be presented at Bidwell Park and Playgrounds Commission Meeting, 421 Main St at 6 pm.  Update: This meeting, like the 3/18 Natural Resources Committee meeting before it, has been cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak.

-Summer: Plan refined and finalized with Commission, public, and agency input, as well as public tours and educational events

-Early Fall: Public and agency scoping meetings for EIR on the plan and its key projects

-Fall into early winter: DEIR written and circulated for comment period

-Winter: FEIR completed based on public input

-March 15, 2021:  End of grant!!